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Out with the old.

This past weekend, we decided it was time to clean out the closets at our house. This may not seem like a noteworthy event, but really, it was for me. Each time I opened my closet door, it was a … Continue reading

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Hooping fun!

My first home made hoop, a little tattered, but works like a charm! As I’ve mentioned before, I aim for incorporating fun exercise into my life as much as possible. If I enjoy doing something, I’m much more likely to … Continue reading

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From overweight to overwhelmed.

Not the health predicting machine. I am a subscriber to an awesome blog called zen habits. More often than not, there are topics discussed that really interest me and are relevant to my life, hence my subscription. As is to … Continue reading

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Baby Talk.

I’m NOT having any yet, but this is a really, really prominent theme in my life lately… Gah! Even looking at this is killing me! Damn biological clock. I never expected to be the ‘grow up and settle down with … Continue reading

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Sadness for my country.

Is this what freedom looks like? Headstones? Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, Michael exclaimed “Osama Bin Laden is dead!” (not in an excited way, just surprised). I was not sure how to process this information. I … Continue reading

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