Sometimes we all need a good push of the reset button in life. Just a break, to completely refresh us. This weekend was just that for me. Last week, as I mentioned, was crazy. The week before that was crazy too, but last week was the high point of insanity. So, it was perfect timing for a long weekend.

Michael and I are not religious people. We do not celebrate religious holidays. If I was up north with my family, undoubtedly, Easter weekend would come with big dinners, family functions, lots of candy, and travel stress. Thankfully, we never go anywhere or do anything big for most holidays. They usually serve as a nice little retreat from life, and are very welcomed as such. This weekend was no exception. We had a few things we wanted to get done, but didn’t have much of an agenda.

We’ve been having some anxiety about taking our sailboat out, as we haven’t had it out since last year, and we had a horrible accident with it last summer. We finally got good weather, and spent Saturday out on the lake; it was awesome. I’ve always been a person who loves the water. I had to be practically dragged into the house each night in the summer when I was young, all I wanted to do was swim in our pool. I could sit and stare at the ocean for days, any water really calms me. I had forgotten all this, or pushed it to the back of my mind, in lieu of worrying about boat stuff. The accident we had still replays in my mind, often enough that it sometimes worries me that I won’t be able to stay calm in an urgent situation on the boat. Michael had similar worries, and all winter long we wondered what we would do. Would we be okay enough to keep the boat, or should we just sell it? The longer we didn’t sail, the more confusing it got. Anyway, it finally all got sorted out as soon as we got out onto the water. All went well, and while a final decision has not been made about our boat, it felt great to just step past all of the worry, and just do it.

This is a shot of our boat – Space Cowboy – last summer, the day of our accident.

So our weekend highlight was the sail, and other than that it included sleeping in, brunches, coffee, bike rides, cleaning, shopping for hula hoop supplies and lots of quality time with the kitties.

It just feels so good to have 3 full days of no agenda. It seems like a weekend is just not enough time to fully decompress sometimes. Saturday is usually spent with chores, and by Sunday, I’m already feeling bummed that the weekend is over. Give me 3 days any time! I found myself saying more than once that I ‘needed’ to go for a run, or do some yoga. But I didn’t actually do it when I thought it. I did what I wanted to do, and for me, that was other things this weekend. It was like a mini-staycation.

These are the things that are my reset button. Getting outside, sleeping in a little, having brunch and coffee, bike rides, spending time with Michael, and our kitties. It’s so good when life allows me to do all of this stuff without the stress of what else needs to be done, or what is waiting. I am making an effort to bring this attitude back into my daily life. Even if my outside time is just my walk to my car, I’m taking it slowly, and enjoying the warmth of the breeze.

I feel revitalized, and refreshed. I am sliding deeper into the groove of listening to my body. Moving it when and how it wants, feeding it what it wants, and really enjoying the benefits of how all of that feels. Right now, it feels amazing. I am excited to continue on this path, just doing what feels right, instead of what I think is right for me.

In other news, I got my new glasses Saturday, and they are really nerdy. Like, I look like Rick Moranis. I need to take pictures, once my sunburn heals up. Pretty good stuff. Michael and I have been having a good laugh about it for the last few days.

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