Bathing Suits!

Yeah, I said it!

Work has been INSANE this week. Seriously, I’m starting to go to a place of anxiety and stress that I don’t like. So, I’ve been daydreaming about vacations, summer cookouts, and honeymoons; all light and happy stuff. Straight up rainbows and kittens over here.

As I’m thinking about sitting on a beach, with a good book in my hand, and my sweetie at my side, I realize that I need a good bathing suit. Like, a really good one. Not one that is too small. Not one that makes me feel ashamed or like I need to cover up. One that rocks, and when I put it on, I can’t wait to go swimming in or show off. Is that asking too much from a piece of clothing? I don’t think so. I used to think so, but that ship has sailed.

If I’m rocking the radical self acceptance, then I need to walk the walk, and accept it all. I absolutely love swimming, and the beach, and there’s no reason I should have only ill fitting ugly bathing suits.

In my life, I’ve had some bad suits. When I was a teenager, I found some self confidence hiding in a corner of my closet (only after I got a boyfriend….) and I rocked some bikinis. Then, when I gained weight around the age of 20, I bought a one piece, that was just flimsy, and I think it was too small. NOT flattering. Then, I discovered working out, and how to not eat DiGiorno for dinner every night, and I lost some weight. I then bought another bikini, a more high quality one from J.Crew. I loved it, and I still love it, but it’s not the best for my body now. I have since gained back a lot of the weight I initially lost, which tends to happen, and I no longer love how that suit fits me. So last year, I found a suit at TJ Maxx that was cheap, and cute, so I grabbed it. It SO does not fit me. I wore it to a friends house for swimming, and it’s just too short, and digs into me. So, it’s time for a suit that fits. I’m actually pretty freaking excited to find a suit that I love, that fits my body. I’ve spent the last few years trying to squeeze into those suits, and it’s not good for my confidence, comfort or happiness.

Alas, it’s time to shop. Now, it’s kind of hard to find a suit online in general. You never know what will end up fitting. But, it’s also kind of painful to try on suits at a store. Could that be any less flattering?? So, I figured I will find a suit online that has a free return policy, and hope it works out. It is also tough to find any larger suits that aren’t old lady like, with big hibiscus flower print and skirt attached. Not that those aren’t a valid option for lots of people, but I know that I would not feel my best in those suits.  If you even try to look up plus size suits, this is typically what you find…and what I’m referring to:

Photo is from this site: which has a lovely selection, just not my style.

So, this left me on a quest to find super cute suits, that I will love to wear. And that quest landed me at one of my favorite places. ModCloth! They have a really cute selection of normal and plus sized suits, including this, that I love!

This Beach Blanket Bingo suit is adorable, and comes in lots of sizes, but the reviews make me worry that it won’t hold up…

I also like the two-piece version of that suit, so cute!

I love the trend of more old cuts in bikinis, higher rise, more coverage.

I have to keep looking, but I’ll be ordering something soon.

If you have any suggestions of larger suits that are great, and not too retirement home couture, I’d love your suggestions!! Yay summer!


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2 Responses to Bathing Suits!

  1. you read my mind! i have been planning for weeks on buying that very polka dot one piece from modcloth to wear on my puerto rican vacay next month! i havent bought a new bathing suit in about 4 years!! excitement! happy shopping!

  2. daynya says:

    Oh, I am SOOOO jealous of your vacation!! I love that one piece, but, the more I read the reviews, the more I shied away from it. Everyone says it fades. The cut could not be cuter, and I’m really bummed about it, but I ordered the bikini instead. I don’t really know how that cut will look on me, but luckily they have free returns, so if it’s not good, I might suck it up and get the once piece. I hope to hear what you think if/when you get it!!

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