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Home life.

Life at our house has been really messy lately. After our nice relaxing weekend, things have gone downhill. I am a big ball of stress and anxiety, and I really haven’t felt like writing a single word, or talking to … Continue reading

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Sometimes we all need a good push of the reset button in life. Just a break, to completely refresh us. This weekend was just that for me. Last week, as I mentioned, was crazy. The week before that was crazy … Continue reading

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My crazy.

Sometimes, I have these ‘bad days’. But bad day seems to be an understatement to what feels like a nervous breakdown. They don’t always look the same, but they always feel the same, and they always end with me sobbing, … Continue reading

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Bathing Suits!

Yeah, I said it! Work has been INSANE this week. Seriously, I’m starting to go to a place of anxiety and stress that I don’t like. So, I’ve been daydreaming about vacations, summer cookouts, and honeymoons; all light and happy … Continue reading

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Wedding Weight Loss.

Where he proposed… About 2 months ago, Michael and I got engaged, and ever since, there have been tiny little ads and articles popping up. Perhaps I’ve just been noticing them now, and they’ve been here all along. “Lose weight … Continue reading

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Doctors, venting about them.

Is it completely absurd that I actually LIKE to go to the doctor? Probably. But hey, I’m weird. I went to my pediatrician until I was 22, and I only stopped because they made me. I would totally still go … Continue reading

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Challenging myself, gently.

I struggle with the illusion that there is only a fine line between pushing myself too hard, and being a complete and total slacker. As I mentioned, if I push myself too much and fall into my icky cycle of … Continue reading

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